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FeetUp Trainer Review

September 21, 2018
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Inverting is the main feature, but you can do other things too. The FeetUp even comes with a whole manual with all the poses you can try.

It will be about a month that I own the Feetup trainer (Disclaimer: I got it for free in exchange for an honest review). But I had it at home before, borrowed from a friend. At that time I rarely used it. Although this might be just me, because I have yoga blocks and straps and a yoga wheel, and I only use them once in a month – if at all. Ok, I use the strap more often, even once per week, and I use the yoga block to have something to focus my camera on, plus I sit on it a lot while eating😂 But no, I don’t sit on it during my pranayama practice or meditation🤷‍♀️.

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Training perfect line is easy, you can even look up to check if your toes are pointed.

Despite that, I was really happy when people from FeetUp contacted me! I received the little chair, looking like something to help you with pooping, just a week later after I confirmed my address. It came in a flat box and because I always loves building things (LEGO, Ikea<3), I constructed the FeetUp right away and went for my first (on my own FeetUp) inversion. It was really easy to put it together and the overall quality of the product is really exceptional. The top is cushioned and soft, and covered by leather-like fabric. The legs are from wood.

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Hollowbacks feels strange at first but these are the most healthy backbends: the low back is not compressed by the weight of your hips and legs, and the core automatically engages.

One thing why I like this product is, that in order to get your legs above your head, you can easily get the hips more behind, shifting the center of gravity, so it’s easier to press the legs up with control instead of jumping – what most yoga beginners while attempting a headstand. Pressing up improves the body awareness when upside down and trains core strength, and there is no risk of injury from uncontrollable jumps. Plus it’s possible to use your hands to help you with balance, and there is no strain on your neck.

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All the leg shapes one can come up with.

I personally learned to press into the headstand pretty quickly. But before that, I trained inversions for a year and a half at aerial yoga classes. The FeetUp trainer could potentially serve a beginner in yoga the same way, as the aerial silk hammock served me in inversions training.

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Pressing up – hips needs to go more back, this creates a strain in the neck, when you try to do it in a headstand, unless you can bend easily in the spine.

Although I find inverting on the FeetUp easy, I can still remember the first time I tried it at my friends place, and it was a little bit scary to use! First thought was: “Is this thing stable??? Is it going to stay on the floor, or will it tip over with me when I loose control?” My mind tends to exaggerate every situation, and I was a little bit unsure. But once I started to play with it, I realized, it really is safe and the added control from holding the balance with your hands ensures perfect stability.

Because I knew, I will have to review it, I forced myself to use it at least twice a week for few minutes. I couldn’t really do a whole hour-long practice with it. But, I started to come back to it, when I was not feeling very strong in my arms, but still wanted to do something nice, fun, but calming at the same time. I basically used it for more restorative practice. Plus it can serve really nicely as a prop for opening the upper back and shoulders, in the case you love backbends like me!🙌

So what is my verdict about the FeetUp? Do you really need it for your yoga? No. Is it going to help you to learn how to headstand? It might!!! Is it fun? Totally!♥️ Plus my cats love it! (Emo even punched few holes into it🙈)

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It’s great to sit on top, but also hide underneath,)

Price of the FeetUp: 129 EUR with free shipping (169 USD).

You can buy it here: http://feetup.com.

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  • Reply Paula June 17, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Weak review! I didn’t get a yay or nay from reading this!

    • Reply zgung June 21, 2019 at 9:32 am

      I totally get why you wrote it! But I stand behind my opinion, the Feetup trainer can be very useful for a beginner, afraid from inversions, or a person with neck problems, and it can be used in many other asanas as a prop. Meanwhile, if you have a good headstand already, and have sofa, or other similarly shaped props and imagination, you don’t need it,)

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