Hi! My name is Lenka and you might remember me as zgung. I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1986, and now I live in a lovely Austrian forest city: Vienna!

When I was 11, and first signed up for ballroom dancing classes, I fell in love with movement of any kind. And always dreamed of becoming a dance teacher. Which never happened. I stopped with dancing during the high school (that now I regret a lot!) and became the introverted, home sitting, mostly Netflix watching, chips and chocolate eating creature, I am till now. But, I knew I was missing something very important in my life. So in 2013, I looked around, and decided to start with running. It sounded quite accessible, you didn’t really needed any equipment or to go to a gym or a studio, to do it. However, that phase only lasted for few months and stopped the moment I was dragged to an Antigravity Yoga class by a friend! Already during the running period, stretching was a big part of my routine and I was using the Yoga Studio app to help me, and even started my very inconsistent home yoga practice.

Once I began to attend the Antigravity Yoga classes, I was hooked! First attending once every week, and then twice after some time, plus adding home practice to it. In those classes I gained a lot strength and flexibility and the ability to be rather comfortable in inversions too. Although, those classes were mostly physical, there was a lot of emphasis on the breath and a shavasana at the end,)

Later in 2015, I decided to do an 80 hours yoga teacher training (with Power Yoga Academy Slovakia) to deepen my knowledge of asana and finally fulfill the dream of becoming a movement teacher.

During the ongoing 80-hours YTT in early 2016, my yoga practice radically shifted from home practice to mostly studio classes. One reason was, that I moved to Vienna – a bigger city with lot of yoga studios to choose, that offer different styles of practice. Another reason was, that attending yoga classes was one of the requirements of my YTT.

Nowadays, I switched back to home practice most of the days and I practice everyday since late 2016.  However, I still like to go to a studio for a nice vinyasa class or a workshop.

In 2018, I finished my 200 hours Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training with Briohny Smyth (US), Dice Iida Klein (US) and Mathieu Boldron (FR) in Thailand. You can learn more about my thoughts and experience in this blog.

I started teaching yoga right after my first YTT. Having one class per week with my friends and colleagues. In 2017 I taught in a yoga studio for three months and in 2018 I would sometimes sub for my friend Sara. From 2019, I teach regular classes in Vienna mostly under Just a Yoga Class. I also travel to teach workshops in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Along that, I have a master degree in Biomedical Physics and I work full time at the Medical University of Vienna as a research assistant, focusing on MRI and medical image processing.

I love my cats and photography, duuh!

Although, I have been working and living in Vienna for few years now, I don’t speak too much German,)

To learn even more here are some interviews I did,)

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