About Lenka

Lenka Minarik is a yoga teacher based in Vienna, Austria who has made the transition from a successful scientific career to teaching and sharing yoga in classes settings online and in-person and teaching teacher trainings to current or future yoga teachers. After working for over a decade in medical science, Lenka felt that she was not able to make a direct impact on people’s lives in the way she wanted to. She yearned for a more fulfilling career that allowed her to connect with others on a deeper level. Lenka’s teaching style is based on her profound understanding of anatomy and alignment cues, which allows her to guide her students to find strength and stability and push their mobility in a safe and effective way, while honoring the yoga tradition. Her classes are designed to not only target the physical body but also delving deeper into the inner self and the mind, and she incorporates pranayama, kriyas, and chanting kirtan to create a holistic experience for her students.

In addition to teaching classes in person in Vienna’s Yoga Kula Studio and online via Zoom and on Youtube, Lenka holds and assists in several teacher trainings and travel teaches workshops to more dedicated yoga students across Central Europe.

Teacher Trainings

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