Tuesday VIENNA 19:30 – sign up in the schedule. Classes take place in the 1st district of Vienna in the facilities of Pilates Akademie, Jordangasse 7/3A.

Wednesday ONLINE 17:00 CEST – on Zoom – available through Eversports in the schedule. Link & password will be available 15 minutes before the class starts in Eversports, but it will be mailed to you too! In case you want to join later, I will also send an email with the link to the recording, that will stay online for more than a week,)

Thursday VIENNA – teaching at The Wyld Thing studio in the 9th district. Check the schedule: click here!

Friday ONLINE 16:30 CEST – Youtube Live Class – this is a free class, but you can sign up through Eversports to support me (subscribe to my channel, turn on notifications and you’ll know when it starts if you don’t)

I also teach at Phoenixlifestyle Studio, 19th District. The studio offers semester yoga courses, usually starting in September and March. Contact Jelena the studio owner at studio@phoenixlifestyle.at for more info!