Live on Zoom

Movement and Yoga: Sometimes sweaty, sometimes slower yoga class, with focus on body awareness and breath.
These classes will teach you all about yoga asanas, breath techniques, but they will also make you stronger and more flexible, but that is just a side effect.

Deep Yin Yoga: A style of yoga with typical 3-5 minutes or longer holds that goes deep into the connective tissue to balance strength work in Yang style yoga like Vinyasa Flow or other movement activities. Prepare your blankets, blocks, socks and pillows to submerge yourself into a deep focus and grounding.

All classes are via the Zoom app. You can sign up through Eversports (mine or United Yoga for the morning class). Link & password will be available 15 minutes before the class starts in Eversports, but it will be mailed to you too! In case you want to join later, I will also send an email with the link to the recording, that will stay online for two more days,)

In Person, Vienna Austria

Thursdays 17:30 at The Wyld Thing studio in 1090 click here to check the schedule!

Mondays 07:30 at Yoga Kula in 1010 click here to check the schedule!

On Demand on Youtube