When Organic Basics contacted me, I got really excited, because they are one of the few brands I know are really sustainable (at least according to Maddie from www.dariadaria.com – she has a whole page full of links of sustainable brands). So of course I said yes, when I was offered to try their new activewear. Moreover, I found out they offer seamless underwear and socks too! Here are some photos from the things I got, plus my comments.

Invisible Underwear

From the looks the underwear seems really nice and it’s also buttery soft to touch. I compared it to my Lululemon Namastay Put Hipster, which is my go-to underwear to wear under yoga leggings. The briefs from Organics Basics are definitely cut higher than the Lulu ones, and they don’t have a flat inseam at the back, but this doesn’t really go in the way and they are still comfortable to wear.
One thing puzzled me a little though: the inside inseam feels like cotton (and it would be better if it was – especially if you ever had inflammation of the urinary tract, you know that part should be always cotton!). The gusset definitely is different from the main fabric, but there is no mention of cotton on the packaging, or the tag, or on the writing from inside of the briefs.

UPDATE: After wearing it for a while, it is the underwear that I pick most often. Plus it seems more durable than the one from Lululemon.

Organic Cotton Ankle Socks

The feel is very cottony🙃 And they adjust to the foot once you put them on.

UPDATE: I live in these! They are amazing to wear.

Silvertech Active – Sport Bra

The bra surprised me, because of how soft and comfortable it feels. The straps are also soft and don’t dig into the skin. This bra doesn’t have space for removable cups, which I was ok with, because I always remove them and never use them if they come with other bras (so no additional trash created in this case!).

Silvertech Active – Leggings

In contrast with bras and tops, the lower part of my body doesn’t have the ideal ratio – my waist is more than 72 cm (28 inches), especially when I let the belly to relax, however my hips are 93 cm (37 inches). Therefore I was in between sizes (XS/S for my hips, but S/M for my waist…), and the recommendation on the website is to size down if you are doubting. Which I did, and then regretted it, once I was testing the leggings. The waist band kept digging into my skin during my yoga practice. On one hand, it’s not that kind of waist band that has seams inside (can all yoga pants just have a waist made of folded-only fabric please?), but it’s still more stiff than the rest of the pants. You can see it clearly on the pictures.
Additionally, I tried to squat in them and these leggings were not squat proof. Maybe the bigger size would not have this problem. But it was too late for me to return them.
A nice detail – the tag was attached without safety pin! Who else hates all those safety pins and plastic sticks, that come with clothes these days?

UPDATE: Since this review, I received a bigger sized leggings S/M, that fit me better in the waist and perfect everywhere else. The leggings have reinforced lining in the crotch area, that is not see-through even in a squat/forwardfold, but higher on the butt the underwear is still slightly visible, if it’s not skin-colored.

Both the leggings and bra are made from:

Their packaging is also too cute not to post. It’s all recycled.

Shop for Organic Basics here: http://eu.organicbasics.com

PS: they have saving packs! so if you want to buy more than one piece, it’s probable that you can save some money on that: click here to be redirected.

*Disclaimer: all the links here are affiliated and I get some percentage from the amount that will be spend, if you buy something. I was not paid to make this review, and it took some time and effort. I was gifted the clothes, that I reviewed. Thank you for supporting me by using my links!!!<3

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