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Bringing yoga practice into your life means thinking about what you buy and how you use it. That’s why I prefer brands that care about the environment, are local, use recycled materials and pay treat and pay their workers fairly. As a woman, I like to support brands that are led by other women too,)


  1. think twice before buying something
  2. buy only if you need it
  3. resell if you are not using it anymore
  4. recycle if you can’t repurpose<3

Yoga mats and accessories

Sticky cork mat (surface feels like waxed cork) from Dhaara.cz – “LENKA10”. This mat is heavy, since it has natural rubber on bottom.

Cork mat (natural cork on top, gets more grip with sweating, super lightweight since the bottom is not pure natural rubber!): lotuscrafts.eu* (EU only) – discount “lenka10”

Lotuscrafts are based in Austria, and they produce cotton yoga clothes, cork blocks, yoga bolsters and other yoga accessories as well!

Sticky PU mat with extra grip  (top material polyurethane, bottom natural rubber) – “Boho PROFESSIONAL mat” from Boho Natural* – “Lenka15”.

Mats with beautiful design on microfibre top, natural rubber on the bottom – “Hybrid mat”  from a German brand Mala* (EU only) – discount “lenka10”

Sustainable Fashion

Yoga wear:

Studio K Yogawear* – sustainable bamboo, organic cotton & recycled ocean plastic materials, made in Indonesia, shipped from Poland within Europe (but ships worldwide) – code “LENKA” will give you 15% discount

Sisterly tribe* – based in Skandinavia, made partially from recycled polyester, smooth and soft – shop in the countries nearby Austria via Momentino with the code “Lenka” to get a discount.

Underwear and essentials:

Bralettes, leotards, socks, swimwear and crop tops from a small Vienna-based, woman-led company with a manufactory in Thailand that belong to the designer’s family: essentialsforzula.com

No lines menstrual underwear (also from recycled materials!): modibodi.com*.


FRÉ skincare* – the only skincare I use, made for skin that sweats, a company that supports women in the wellness industry, plants thousands of argan trees in Morocco and makes efforts to become sustainable – use “LENKA” for a discount


My handchain is the Three Dots bracelet in rose gold from Alica Ticha

Minimal stone bracelets I love from blissbyiman.com – 15% using “Blisslenka”

Other Props

Yoga is only about pushing away with the arms, and your shoulders need some pulling/hanging time to compensate! Hanging is great to train grip strength as well as a good way to decompress your spine.

This is my pull up bar, that I use: https://amzn.to/3rdy4LB *

Teaching Yoga Online

Rode Wireless microphone: https://amzn.to/34Oir5W *

SC7 cable for phone/computer compatibility: https://amzn.to/3HYr7Vy *

(you might need an adapter for the 3.5mm jack for your phone as well!)

Flat LED lights from Neewer: https://amzn.to/3GtoDOO *

Bigger but cheaper softbox lights: https://amzn.to/3K5MwOz *

*affiliated links – I earn some percentage from the sales, thank you so much for using my links and codes!

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