So, I want to tell you a story…

The story is about a friendship and yoga of course,)

And that friendship started through that little app, called Instagram. I followed @sarahticha something like a year and few months ago. She was a yogi with a nice instagram account, that lived in Vienna and her pictures captivated me. And then, one day in December 2016, at a yoga workshop, that I was participating in, I’ve heard people talking in my mother language. And somehow everything came together! I found out Sara is at the same workshop and she is also from the same country than me. And she was even nice enough to reply to my message and so I was not afraid to approach her.

It isn’t always a rule, that if you share the same mother language, that you will connect easier, because of the background you were raised in. But it’s definitely a part of our connection. But what connected us even deeper was yoga (on and off the mat) and photography.

The most surprising thing for me in our friendship was, that she became my yoga teacher and influenced me in my practice like no one else. Her approach to yoga – asana or otherwise – is so inspirational and unexpected, that it changed me and it is still changing me, whenever I am with her, like this past weekend in Paris.

I have this other friend of mine, who became a fellow yogi too, approximately at the same time as me. He and I met at the university almost a decade ago, when we were both studying physics and we used to always lead long conversations about philosophy, relationships, quantum mechanics, operating systems and other things. And recently he asked me, why do I have so much respect for Sara and why do I value her opinions on yoga and life. And I totally understood, why he was asking that. She is young, and somehow famous on the Instagram within the yoga community there. And that little app sometimes (or even more often) might seems superficial. You cannot truly know the person staying behind the beautiful photos and motivational captions.

I am not sure what I replied to him then. But now I know, it is because she is so raw and honest and stays behind her principles, that represent yoga. Although she is younger, she thought me about life and motivated me and still keep motivating me in my practice. And I met other beautiful people because of her too (Bettina<3, Kieana, Lenok and many others, hi!).

(Yeah, I am really bad at making friends and socializing, so that’s a huge thing for me..)

So, what I want to say here is, that if you love yoga and you have a chance to go to her class or a workshop, you will not regret it,D

She is going to have a workshop in Prague at the beginning of next month and there is an early bird on the tickets ending today!


Sara’s web: http://www.saratichayoga.com

Hope to see you at my next post!

With love,


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